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If you want an entertaining Australian Girls’ Book –  you’ll just love reading ALEX (book or ebook)!  That’s guaranteed even if you are not a “reader”.

Alex is normally a happy-go-lucky pre-teen about to become a teenager- but something is not right. She is desperate for her life will change on her thirteenth birthday party. But as the story unfolds, her life begins to fall apart. Meet her friends and family, and how her amazing life changes as a teenager in this gripping  new Australian girl’s novel.

Alex will intrigue you. She will make teenagers laugh, she will make them cry. Her life is probably like your life, full of surprises, heartaches and joys. If you are a tween (age 10-12 years) – you will read ALEX,  and discover things that may be happening in your own life.  When you meet her friends will be reminded of your friends .

Discover how Alex overcomes the issues in her life. As the book entertains you, learn about hope and how to “leap over your hurdles”.

Eventually, guided by her wise Grandma Bella, Alex goes through amazing life changing experiences.

ALEX the book is more than just a great pre-teen story.
If you are a teen – ALEX the book will help change your life for the better.

ALEX is recommended reading for the whole family, but you’ll simply love it if you are a teen or pre-teen girl.


How ALEX came to be written
We all have our dreams. In my energetic youth, and into my early thirties I was deeply involved in sport. I liked to kid myself I was “dangerously fit”.

Then one dull, maudlin day – it dawned on me I was going to seed. I was fortyish, fattish, flabby and floundering. And so I gritted my teeth and resolved to do something about it. Since that moment I have succeeded in living a healthy lifestyle. About that time I became a Christian, and so that also enhanced my life enormously.
Let’s jump decades.

A Media Release (Feb 9 2011) by the Heart Foundation and Cancer Council Australia warns that one in four high school children are obese or overweight.  It warns of an impending catastrophic flood of chronic disease, if this situation is not quickly turned around. (In case you were unaware, obesity can be linked to almost every chronic disease).

Being a victim of chronic disease – cancer, diabetes, heart etc – is clearly no joke. If you happen to be young then it’s a disaster.

Some time ago there was an overwhelming call to write a book that would be a flashing light to young people, alerting them to the grave risks to their lives if they didn’t grasp this reality.  And so ALEX was conceived.
But as  ALEX  unfolded it became far more than a mere book about health!
Alex is a gift for life – Your Life! 


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